Ambition and values

MediTutor was set up by two medical professionals, Shane & Matt, in the friendly city of Liverpool. Little did one know that an avid Arsenal and Tottenham supporter could come together to create such a unique customer-centred company.  Both of us have recently been through the hurdles of studying hard for exams whilst applying to university giving us a firsthand understanding of what students want, need and deserve.  We noticed that most educational consultants are saturated in the South and wanted to make it easy for students to seek expert advice conveniently and quickly somewhere close to home.

As a company our ambitions are simple: 

1) Provide you with the knowledge and skills to stand out

Our industry-first tutor matching scheme is designed to impart you with skills for life.

2) Provide you with high-quality local courses close to home

You shouldn't have to travel far to get your competitive edge!

3) To improve access to professional subjects for students from less affluent backgrounds 

As a social enterprise, we aim to widen access to a range of subjects.

4) To increase the support to veterinary applicants both locally and nationally 

MediTutor is proud to host the countries' first veterinary specific MMI course

Schools and organisations we've partnered with


We work with School Clubs and Debate Academy to help teach after school clubs across Merseyside.

We work with WDEnterprises  who support our advanced telephony services and seamless  cloud services. 

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We support students from local state schools in the North West of England to provide curriculum support and university admissions support.


We work with local and international students from private and boarding schools across the country to deliver our services.

If your school or organisation would be interested in working with us, please get in touch. We offer significant discounts on our courses.


Our team is made up of web developers, marathon runners, doctors, musicians, and so much more. Our friendship and passion for teaching allows us to work together to run the best courses and tutoring service in the North West. Below you’ll find profiles of all our current team members.




Shane is an academic foundation doctor based in Liverpool and an honorary clinical fellow. From very early in his career Shane has been passionate about promoting excellence within medical education and academia. He started tutoring five years ago before teaching anatomy and pharmacology to medical students at the University of Oxford. Shane values ongoing continual professional development and considers it a key factor in his successes so far alongside a very forward-thinking approach to business development and the customer journey. His experience of working with students in some of the most deprived suburbs of Merseyside inspired his ambition for the widening access program.




Matthew is a paediatric registrar approaching consultancy who currently works in the North West Deanery. Since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2011 he has been interested in education and is currently undertaking a PGCert. He understands the challenges of undergraduate and postgraduate examinations and was able to achieve the highest national mark in his recent Royal College examinations. While he attended a good school, it was not one that understood the intricacies of applying for medical school including interview preparation and access to work experience. Through this venture, he hopes to give students  access to the competitive edge required to gain access to university in an increasingly competitive environment.


Our senior team are amongst the best in their respective fields, they review our course material and resources


Mr Sam Krasner,  Oxbridge Lead

Sam is currently a final year student reading for a degree in medicine at New College, Oxford. Throughout Sam’s time at the University of Oxford, he has been regularly involved in the college’s access schemes, guiding prospective students through the admissions process and helping to dispel many myths about studying at Oxford. He is an experienced tutor having mentored GCSE and A-Level students, as well as having run mock Oxbridge interview days for talented medical school applicants. Sam is committed to inspiring the next generation of young medical students and aims to continue to improve students’ access to Oxbridge.

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