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The USA's first Veterinary MMI course ran by vets and veterinary students from the UK and US. Tailored towards the DVM degree. Our MMI preparation course is a half-day 12-station MMI circuit and comes with a 100+ page vet course book. 

Course Outline

Priced at only USD $200, our course offers you the best value for your money. 



Our courses run in the morning or afternoon over a range of weekends from December - March each application cycle. Courses are currently held over Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 10 staff help deliver each course. With our course, you will gain practice in meeting and talking to interviewers.



 On the day, you move through a 6-station that you will pass through twice.  Stations range from ethics to animal welfare to communication. Each station is quality controlled by vets and past interviewers. Stations are simulated by using individual breakout rooms for each station.



At each station, you will have

- 1 minute: to read the station blurb

- 6 minutes: to attempt the station

- 3 minutes: verbal and written feedback

If you have a confirmed interview, we can tailor the station to question themes asked by that university*. (NDAs mean we will never disclose exact questions)



Our interviewers are all veterinary students or vets - you will not get this with any other course. They provide detailed verbal and physical feedback on all elements of your interview performance. All feedback is documented in your coursebook so you can refer to it again.



At the start of the day, a vet or senior veterinary student talks to you about both the MMI and traditional panel interview. Our senior lecturer also discusses how to tackle the most difficult scenarios such as breaking bad news, animal welfare and what to do if a station goes pear-shaped.



We provide all students with a hard copy of our unique 100 page workbook covering contents on non-verbal and verbal skills, our approach to difficult scenarios and an outline of common question themes that have appeared in veterinary school interviews over the last few years. We provide international postage and e-book access in the interim.


Animal welfare and ethics

This station is designed to cause discussion and debate.


Do you know how the USDA Animal Care administers the Animal Welfare Act?

Drug and Syringe

Data interpretation

This station tests basic maths and graphical interpretation under pressure.  


Can you interpret a graph in a logical manner? Can you think critically? This may not necessarily be vet related.

Vet Holding Cat

Ethical issues at work

Reaching the correct answer is only 50% of this station.


How do you demonstrate your reasoning in a professional manner? How do I utilise and reference USDA/ AVMA's policies?

Film Clapboard

Role Play/Communication

A trick and unnatural station to many.


Do you know how to respond to verbal and non-verbal cues from an actor/actress? Your thought process will be evaluated here.

Doctor In Blue Scrubs With Stethoscope

Personal statement & work experience

This tests why you want to study veterinary medicine and your suitability. 


Why do you want to be a vet? How will you finance your education?

Farmer with Cow

Current affairs

This station tests your wider reading and commitment.


What are associated health conditions in brachycephalic animals? Urban vs rural vets - maldistribution of veterinarians? Vet diversity?

Who Will Be Providing The Interview Coaching?

Our Vets and veterinary students have successfully coached clients into studying at vet schools both locally and internationally - they know what it takes to impress the panel at interview and give yourself the best chance of gaining a place at university. Between them, they have helped coach 100s of successful students across the globe.

Image by Helena Lopes

Introducing ...        
Dr Georgina Kivneen

Veterinary Surgeon | US MMI Course Lead | UK MMI Course Lead | | Expert Interviewer |

Georgina is an equine veterinary surgeon who graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2021 with honours.  She is currently studying towards a Master’s in Conservation Medicine as well as a certificate in Equine Medicine and Surgery. She has a strong interest in teaching and has been involved with the mentoring of many prospective vet students from a variety of backgrounds. Georgina thoroughly enjoys co-producing the materials for our courses. She is familiar with the veterinary sector in both the US and UK. Georgina teaches on the US and UK National MMI Course and also provides bespoke one-to-one student support. Outside of work, she plays several instruments in numerous ensembles and enjoys running through the great outdoors.

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oNE-TO-ONE courses 


Our most experienced team members offer one-to-one interview advice and coaching either as a 3-hour bespoke mini-course or tutorials by the hour.




Our veterinary students from across the UK and US can provide a 3-hour mini interview course or tutorials by the hour.

Bespoke pricing


The USA's first official veterinary MMI course. Small-bespoke courses with a maximum of eight students on each course. A half day affair running through theory and MMIs with multiple interviewers.




Our veterinary surgeons from across the UK and US can provide a five-station, 1-hour mock interview.


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