The MediTutor Diamond Bundle

The Diamond Bundle is a bespoke package tailored to individuals who would like help with the whole application process. With this, you'll get access to complimentary 24/7 support and EVERYTHING MediTutor has to offer.

What's included?

Craft a successful dental application for just £400.

You'll save £90 from buying these individually.


Personal Statement Tuition

Two hours of individual tuition (RRP £70) on the content for your personal statement, strategy on tying it all together and a tutorial on how to reflect meticulously in your writing.


Personal Statement x 5 Edits

We provide five individual edits (RRP £100) which include a line by line analysis with full written feedback. Each draft is turned around within two working days and often much quicker.


MMI Course

We guarantee you a place on our best-selling MMI course (RRP £115). A half-day course which takes you through 16 stations on a variety of themes.


Interview Tuition

The Diamond bundle offers students one hour of individual tuition (RRP £40) after the interview course to boost your confidence. We sometimes find that students have weaker areas they would like to focus on. This session can be arranged in the weeks leading up to your interview.


A-level/IB Tuition

The application to study Dentistry doesn't finish after your interview, you still have to cross the final hurdle - exams. We provide 5 hours of individual tuition (RRP £165) in the subject of your choice in the run-up to exams.


24/7 Support

We've all been there and remember the last minute and late night stresses of the application cycle. Your tutor will be on hand 24/7 to support you and calm any last-minute interview nerves - should you need it.