The MediTutor Bursary

 MediTutor is 150% committed to our goal of widening access to Medicine

We don’t want money to be a barrier to higher education, and while we’ve priced our simulated interviews significantly lower than our competitors, we understand that the price might still be too high for some students. The MediTutor team are offering a free mock interview to those for whom entry to higher education is a realistic prospect but who, for whatever reason, would find it difficult to attend our tutorials on financial grounds.


1. Free mock interview with feedback - 30 minutes

Eligibility criteria

1. UK Home Student fee status


2. Applying to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry

3. One or more of the following

  • Low participation neighbourhoods (using POLAR data*)

  • From areas of high deprivation

  • From a low-income household

  • Care-leavers

  • From an ethnic minority groups

  • Students with difficult individual circumstances

  • Students from low-performing state schools and colleges.

* MediTutor uses nationally recognised indicators for deprivation using POLAR3 and/or POLAR4 data, using Quintiles 1 and 2; and/or an IMD score of 30 or less




What happens if I don't receive the bursary?

Whilst we would love to help everybody, unfortunately, in some cases we may reject your application given the high volume of competition and limited number of bursaries. Don't panic. Your school can still help! Students are often able to get financial support from their school to help pay for MediTutor support. We have a handy email template you can use to print/send to your school which we can share with you.

Bursary application form

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