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 MediTutor is 150% committed to our goal of widening access to Medicine

We don’t want money to be a barrier to higher education, and while we’ve priced our simulated interviews significantly lower than our competitors, we understand that the price might still be too high for some students. For a limited time, our co-founder, Dr Shane D'Souza is offering a free mock interview to those for whom entry to higher education is a realistic prospect but who, for whatever reason, would find it difficult to attend our tutorials on financial grounds.


1. Free mock interview with feedback - 20 minutes

Eligibility criteria

1. UK Home Student fee status


2. Applying to study Medicine

3. One or more of the following

  • Low participation neighbourhoods (using POLAR data*)

  • From areas of high deprivation

  • From a low-income household

  • Care-leavers

  • From an ethnic minority groups

  • Students with difficult individual circumstances

  • Students from low-performing state schools and colleges.

* MediTutor uses nationally recognised indicators for deprivation using POLAR3 and/or POLAR4 data, using Quintiles 1 and 2; and/or an IMD score of 30 or less




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