COVID-19: 5 suggestions for preparing a medical or dental school application during a pandemic

Due to COVID-19 your exams may have been cancelled. We think admissions tests will be given more weighting than usual. We’d really recommend you use the time available to you to make sure you do your best on these tests!

What can you do to be proactive and continue to prepare yourself to apply for medicine or dentistry?

1) Don’t sleep on your revision!

The government has stated that if you are unhappy with the grades you are awarded in July you may be allowed to sit the exam to get a better mark, not forgetting that you still need to continue your studies into next year. Continue bite sized revision sessions to ensure you’re ready to go if you need to sit an exam. It’s a win-win situation: if you don’t need to sit the exam, keeping up to date will still stand you in good stead for next year! If you’re struggling why not contact us at MediTutor and we can match you with a student who has just aced the exam you’re studying for.

2) Think about work experience

Many of you may have found that your planned work experience is cancelled due to COVID-19. Do not panic! Now more than ever there are things you can do in your community. Can collect some shopping for an elderly neighbour or help your parents with looking after younger siblings? Join the NHS as a volunteer. Think about how these things can be related to the skills required to be a doctor or dentist. Doing these two things alone would demonstrate social awareness, empathy and organisational skills.

3) Start to think about your interviews

Medical and dental interviews are designed to allow you to demonstrate the skills that are going to let you thrive in your chosen field. Common topics include teamwork, leadership and communication skills as well as an understanding of the basic ethical principles underpinning practice. Start to explore these subjects, consider how you can show your skills in each area. Why not follow us on twitter @Meditutor, where we often tweet interview topics for you to consider.

4) Develop yourself

Any medical or dental school will want to know you’re a well-rounded person. What better opportunity than lockdown to learn a new skill or pick on an old one. Can you add a new language to your repertoire or pick up that dusty guitar?

5) Look after yourself

This goes for everyone but is so important if you want to work in a high-pressure professional field. You must have the skills to unwind and de-stress. How you do this is up to you but never underestimate its importance. Do some exercise, listen to music, talk to family and friends or just binge watch Netflix - it doesn’t matter what but before anything else on this list… Look after yourself.

Author: Dr Matthew Roberts, Paediatric Doctor

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