Dentistry Interview Crash Course

Our half-day course is focused purely on giving you valuable mock interviews, providing you the practice you need to succeed on your Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs).


Priced at £125, the MediTutor MMI Interview Crash Course is the most successful and yet most affordable medical school interview preparation course in the region. Our half day course is run by a team of experienced medical and dental students, we recently sat where you were and will teach you everything you need to know to master the MMI.


    Our MMI Crash Course lasts half-day and takes you through 9 realistic MMI scenarios, with individualised feedback from our team of interviewers and actors.


    • 18 different scenarios - the MMI circuit is run through twice meaning you experience giving you valuable experience
    • Medical or Dental scenarios - each MMI station has either medical or dental specific stations, we personalise each station your needs
    • Peer learning - you will get two opportunities to go around the circuit with the questions and scenarios changing between and you and your partner. By the end of the course you will both had attempted all stations and observed each other attempting the stations.

    Station themes include topics such as

    1. Ethics, motivation and current topic debates
    2. Data interpretation
    3. Breaking bad news (with actors)
    4. Communication
    5. Personal statement analysis

    We provide a 100% satisfaction policy.

    If you are not happy after your first lesson, we will provide you with another tutor and refund your first lesson.

    We usually process refunds in a batch at the end of the week. It can then take 3-5 working days for your bank to process the payment, but don't worry!