MediTutor School Workshops

MediTutor provides workshops with schools in the UK in both the state and independent sector.


All of the workshop team have gone through the process of applying to study either Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine at University. We understand first-hand the competitive nature and hurdles of these application processes and aim to provide students with an extra-curricular opportunity to aid their decision of pursuing careers in the healthcare field. 


We would like to emphasise that our courses are not exclusively for students wanting to apply to medical, dentistry, physiotherapy or nursing school, but also for those who are intrigued in science or how healthcare professionals work in the NHS. 


Participating students receive certificates of attendance at the end of the sessions which can be used to support their UCAS personal statements or job applications in the future.


Should you wish to book with us as a school,  please contact us for more information by filling in the form below.


Depending on the number of applicants at your school we may be able to run our in-house course on-site, saving you and your students the hassle of travelling to our course venues by coming to you instead.


  • Year 6 Workshops (Transition to secondary school)

  • Medicine Workshops

  • Dentistry Workshops

  • Veterinary Workshops

  • Oxbridge Workshops

  • Interview Preparation & MMI

  • UCAT, BMAT & Personal Statement

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