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platform run by vets for students applying to study veterinary medicine.

Course Outline

Priced at only £10 a month, our course offers you the best value for your money. 


Two tutorials per month

Each tutorial lasts for up to two hours, they are small group sessions hosted over Zoom with a Q&A after each session. We use digital hybrid polling software to ensure you are kept on your toes! Sessions are hosted on weekends on a fortnightly basis.


Get ahead of the rest

We provide you with an early insight into the veterinary school application. This way you are ahead of your peers at school and have a chance to perfect your application. Our tutors know what it takes to impress the panel at interview and give yourself the best chance of gaining a place at university. As a result, you are better prepared for the vet school application and more likely to receive an offer.


High yield, high quality

Each lecture is quality controlled by vets and vet students. You are being taught by senior tutors who have vast experience in teaching and education. Many of our tutors received a full round of offers. As result, the teaching  received is of the highest standard.


Affordable to all

A whole 4 hours of teaching is only £10 per month. This is a mere £2.50/ hour. The average tuition cost in London is over £35/hour. We believe this makes it affordable to most, if not all students.


Zero Stress Environment

Our summer course is designed to start immediately after exams end in June when you will have less distractions. Our interactive quizzes are confidential and anonymised. No question or answer is a stupid one.


Loved by 1000+ students

MediTutor has been mentoring students over the last few years to obtain a place at their dream university. We have assisted students in the UK and abroad to get their dream offer at vet schools ranging from the RVC to Cambridge. We have tutors from every vet school in the UK.



The Veterinary Team


Work Experience

Drug and Syringe


Dealing with Prioritisation Scenarios


Dealing with Veterinary Ethics

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Veterinary anatomy


Veterinary imaging

Farmer with Cow


Personal Statement


Interview Tips

Who Will Be Providing The Tutorials?

Our Vets and veterinary students have successfully coached clients into studying at vet schools across the country - they know what it takes to impress the panel at interview and give yourself the best chance of gaining a place at university. Between them, they have helped coach 100s of successful students.

Image by Helena Lopes

Introducing ...        
Dr Georgina Kivneen

Veterinary Surgeon | Veterinary Sector Lead | Expert Interviewer

Georgina is an equine veterinary surgeon who graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2021 with honours. She is currently studying towards a Master’s in Conservation Medicine as well as a certificate in Equine Medicine and Surgery. She has a strong interest in teaching and has been involved with the mentoring of many prospective vet students from a variety of backgrounds. Georgina thoroughly enjoys co-producing the materials for our courses. She teaches on the UK National MMI Course and also provides bespoke one-to-one student support. Outside of work, she plays several instruments in numerous ensembles and enjoys running through the great outdoors.

Veterinarian with Dog

Four months.